Carrot Black Seeds (Desi)



General Information:

The Black Carrot has a unique taste and has an unexpected sweetness, along with a subtle spicy aftertaste. A black carrot is one shading assortment of the carrot, logically known as Daucus carota subsp. sativus, and is regularly found in India. Although these carrots are black on the outside, many of them will be paler in colour in the centre.

Specifications of Carrot Black:

Plant TypeVegetable
Germination TemperatureOptimum soil temperatures 60-85ºF
Sun ExposurePrefer full sun and well-dug, stone-free soil
HeightUnder 6 inches 6 to 12 inches 1 to 3 feet
Width3 inches to 3 feet
Difficulty LevelEasy

Health Benefits of Carrot Black:

Most of the fibre found in black carrots is soluble which absorbs water in the digestive tract and turns into a gel-like substance. This keeps you full for longer and can also help lower blood cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels.

  • Black carrot is used as a natural colour additive in food sector
  • Black carrot juice has 28 times in anthocyanin than a standard orange carrot
  • Black Carrot Juice Concentrate is appetising, good for digestion, includes vitamin B which is a tranquilizer, Good for liver and stomach, includes calcium, potassium and iron which are good for bones and teeth, includes vitamin A-B-C which are good for the heart, eyes and blood vessels.
  • Provide anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Black carrots are extremely high in dietary fibre which can help to improve the nutrient absorption in the gut and helps smoothen the bowel movements.
  • Its helps as fibre can help in quick weight loss and lower cholesterol levels.

Planting and Care:

  • Using a row cover helps to maintain moisture for germination.
  • Keep well weeded and cover any exposed carrot with soil or mulch to prevent greening.
  • An excess of nitrogen in the soil causes the roots to become hairy.
  • Avoid Carrots growing in dry soil may which becomes misshapen or develop a bitter taste.


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