Bitter Gourd Baby Seeds (Desi)



General Information:

Bitter gourd is also a vegetable of many names. It is equally known as bitter melon, bitter cucumber, balsam-pear, bitter apple, or bitter squash. This vegetable is also called karela in India.There are several varieties of bitter gourd, but the two most common are Chinese bitter gourd and Indian bitter gourd. The Chinese variety more closely resembles a pale green cucumber with crimped, bumpy skin. The Indian variety has narrow, tapered ends and sharp, angled ridges all over its surface. The differences between these varieties are mostly visual, and both offer similar flavor and health benefits.

Health Benefits:

As a rich source of antioxidants, flavonoids, and other polyphenol compounds, bitter gourd may help to reduce your risks for a number of health issues.


Common NameBitter gourd, Bitter melon, Bitter cucumber, Karela (Hindi), Balsam pear, Balsam apple
HeightBitter melon produces vines that grow 13 to 16 feet long.
Flower ColourYellow
Bloom TimeYear round
Difficulty LevelEasy to grow


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