Small Cherry Tomato (Desi)


SEED TYPE: Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated, And Non-GMO

PLANT: Medium Tall, Spreading, Less Branched

FRUIT TYPE: Round, Deep Red, Bearing In Bunches


FIRST PICKING: After 80-85 Days From Transplanting.

SOWING TIME: August To November (Or As Per Your Local Climatic Conditions).



Now available almost everywhere, the Cherry Tomatoes were originally known to be part of the Aztec Mexico agriculture. In Europe, it appeared in the 16th century and the variety grown in Europe was mostly the yellow cherry tomatoes. As far as the genetic makeup of the Cherry tomatoes is concerned, it is an admixture of the garden and the wild-currant type variety of tomatoes. The seed variety available at All That Grows will yield bright red, roundish, and, sometimes maybe oblong produce. Cherry tomatoes are succulent, refreshing, and extremely flavorful. They are a popular addition to salads, even sangrias, smoothies, or regularly eaten raw. If you love juicy tomatoes, then this variety will surely become your favorite. Apart from being so tasty, the Cherry tomatoes are also very nutritious and healthful. Cherry tomatoes are very low in sodium, saturated fats, and cholesterol. Thanks to the Alpha-Tocopherol, the vegetable is a great source of Vitamin E and also offers B6, Folate, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Copper along with potassium, Vitamin A, C, and K. You can also use Cherry tomatoes in sandwiches, or steam them and use to make a sour-sweet sauce, etc.

Beautiful to look at, and very tasty to savor, the Cherry tomatoes will be an excellent way to beautify and add nourishment to your gardens. Get started, shop the seeds with us. Botanical Name: Solanum Lycopersicum var. cerasiforme


Cherry tomatoes can be grown easily and are mostly preferred by gardening beginners. If you want to see those juicy red tomatoes grown in your new garden space, then buy cherry tomato seeds online from the best online seed store in India – Sams Garden Store. 

Furthermore, cherry tomato plants are known to have fewer problems and thus, need less care and maintenance which a gardening beginner can easily handle. You just need to sow organic tomato seeds in your garden space or pots and cover them with 1/2-inch soil. You can seed the organic tomato seeds sprouting out in just 5-7 days and you need to transplant them if sowed in small pots. Also, you can see a good yield of small red cherry tomatoes in just 50-60 days. So, buy cherry tomato seeds online at a very affordable price and start gardening. 

Adding to this, if you want to expand your garden with some vegetables, you can buy vegetable seeds online of your wish from a wide variety.


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