LDPE White Grow Bags Set 20


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General Information:

LDPE White Grow Bags are most commonly utilized for planting plants of fruits, vegetables, and flowers in the most elegant ways. They are suitable for terrace gardening, poly house, and for horticulture purposes. LDPE grow bag are made of high quality  and it is UV stabilized also. These gardening bags are durable and you can use for multiple harvesting.

Grow bags are bags used to hold soil for growing plants (just like clay or plastic pots). Most of them will last more than one season so that you can reuse them over a number of years. Grow bags are one of the best ways for someone with limited space to start their own little garden. These bags take up a small amount of space and fold up to store easily.

Uses of LDPE White Grow Bags:

  • Grow Bags are those, that can be filled with a growing medium and used to grow plants and vegetables.
  • Grow Bags are more lightweight so they’re easier to move around the yard or patio, and their flexibility makes them easier to store.
  • LDPE White Garden grow bags are a convenient alternative to the bulky containers we’re used to.
  • Can be easily moved or planted directly in the ground.
  • Encourages air pruning of roots rather than root circling.
  • Can be folded up and stored with minimal space during the off season.


  • Dimensions – 20 × 20 × 35 cm, 24 × 24 × 40 cm, 24 × 24 × 48 cm
  • Colour – White

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