LDPE White Grow Bags Set 40




General Information:

LDPE grow bags are made of high quality polyethylene plastic and it is UV stabilized also. So we use LDPE garden bags up to 3 years. Grow bag price varies from sizes of gardening bags. One of the biggest advantages to LDPE White grow bags is that they’re easy to move around, as they are lighter than plastic pots and have handles to move them from place to place.

These LDPE White Grow Bags are ideal for growing vegetables, flowers, green chillies, indoor plants, ornamental Plants, orchids, medicinal plants and much more that do not have too deep roots. They are suited for terrace, balconies, as well as greenhouses. LDPE White Grow bags also prevent the encircling of roots that can choke a transplanted tree even as far out as several years after the initial transplant.

Advantages of LDPE White Grow Bags:

  • Improved overall root health is one of the main grow bag advantages.
  • As the plant roots become established in the bag, their sensitivity to heat and moisture naturally begin the process of “air pruning.” Simply, this process allows the plant to create a more robust root system.
  • LDPE White Grow bags have better drainage than traditional pots, which means that more water is lost through evaporation and seepage.
  • These grow bags would be best for planting annual crops or plants that will not be moved after planting them in the ground.
  • Healthier Root System – Encourages air pruning of roots rather than root circling
  • Temperature Control – Sheds excess heat through the breathable fabric, soil warms quicker in the spring.
  • Prevents Over Watering – Excess water will percolate through the fabric material.
  • Easy Storage – Can be folded up and stored with minimal space during the off season.
  • Versatile – Can be easily moved or planted directly in the ground.


  • Dimensions – 20 × 20 × 35 cm, 24 × 24 × 40 cm, 24 × 24 × 48 cm
  • Colour – White

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