Cocopeat 5kg (Decomposed)



Cocopeat soil is made from the pith inside a coconut husk. It is naturally anti-fungal, making it an excellent choice to start seed but it is also used in rugs, ropes, brushes, and as stuffing. Coco peat gardening is also used as a soil amendment, potting mix, and in hydroponic production.

Cocopeat can store and release nutrients to plants for extended periods of time. It has great oxygenation properties which are important for healthy root development. Cocopeat can be combined with any of the usual ingredients like soil and manure to be used as a mixture or a stand-alone product.

It helps to keep the soil loose and airy and helping in better root growth. Better root growth helps in better plant growth. Cocopeat increases the water holding capacity of the potting mix. This ensures that the plant does not suffer from over watering and under watering

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Benefits of Cocopeat:

  • 100% Organic and a renewable resource.
  • Uniform in Composition, odourless.
  • High water holding capacity, great absorption.
  • Promotes strong root growth.
  • Affordable and High Quality.


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