Chaveli Sag Seeds / Chauli (కోయ తోటకూర)



General Information:

Chaveli Sag/Chauli Leaves are small to medium in size and thin, pliable, and ovate with a rounded or sometimes pointed tip. The surface of the leaves is smooth and green with a central vein spanning the length of the leaf and the leaves grow from thick, fleshy stems. The stem’s terminal leaflet is also longer and larger than the lateral leaflets. Chauli leaves grow on an erect or semi-erect bush, sometimes with trailing vines. The plant also contains curved pea pods that are smooth, cylindrically shaped and approximately 15-25 centimeters long. Chauli leaves are crisp and tender with a mild, herbal spinach quality.

Chauli leaves are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as lightly sauteing or steaming. They can be sliced and chopped fresh and used on sandwiches for an added crunch, in salads, or in juices. They can also be used in soups, dals, gravies, sauces, and stir-fries. Chauli leaves can easily be overcooked so they should be placed in dishes as late as possible to ensure the flavor, colour, and nutrients are maintained. 

Health Benefits of Chaveli sag / Chauli:

  • Promotes Weight Loss.
  • Rich in protein and soluble fibre, regular addition of chauli in your meal plan is the best way to shed excess kilos.
  • Augments Heart Health.
  • Manages Diabetes.
  • Improves Digestive health.
  • Enhances Skin Health.
  • Combats Infections.
  • Good For Pregnant Women.
  • Prevents Hair Loss.


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