Brachyscome Mixed

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Brachyscome Mixed also known as Swan River Daisy. They can be grown in full sunlight or partially shaded conditions, and can tolerate dry soils. Ideally, the soil will be rich and deep, and slightly acidic. Brachyscome love light, and if growing in a container it is important to give them a constant supply of low level fertilizer. Blooms do not tend to last long, so prolong blooming time by deadheading, and sow out seeds every three to four weeks in order to maintain a continuous bloom in the has compact nature,grey-greenleaves and usually come into flower in the summer and autumn.these fragrant flowers are daisy like and are native to Australia and come into bloom in the cooler months from august- may. they do not flower in extremely hot condition.

Product Type Flower Seeds
Color Type mixed
Suitable In outdoor
Germination Rate 70% to 85%
Sowing Time March To September
Flowering Time May To October