Cleome Spinosa Mixed



Cleome ‘Colour Mix’ (Spider Flower) has elegant flowers of white, pink and purple, which look like daddy-long-legs on a stem. These look good in the garden and mixed up together in a jumble in a large vase, or pick the individual colours separately for mixing with other things. Cleome, or spider blossom, is one of the simpler blossoms to develop. At 4 to 6 feet tall it is very a showstopper. Cleome is decently dry spell safe and makes a perfect choice for regions not effectively watered. In spite of the fact that cleome is an yearly, it frequently reseeds itself, making it develop year after year within the same area.

Product TypeFlower Seeds
Color Typemixed
Suitable Inoutdoor
Germination Rate70% to 85%
Sowing TimeMarch To September
Flowering TimeMay To October



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