White Amaranthus

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General Information:

White Amaranth is annual about 15-75 cm tall and 15-90 cm across. Large specimens branch frequently and have a bushy appearance. Amaranthus is one of the few plants that properly combines beauty and nutrition Amaranthus spp. The leaves can be white or a variety of colours including variegated and are consumed in the same way that spinach and chard are. Some species and variants have stunning huge brilliantly colored.  A fast growing and tender variety of microgreens, amaranthus white garnet prefers warmer temperatures for germination.

Each packet contains 1-3 gms


Common Name White Amaranth, Common tumbleweed, Tumble pigweed
Height 2.00 to 4.00 feet
Flower Colour White
Bloom Time July to frost
Difficulty Level Easy to grow