Sword Beans White (Chemmakaya) Desi Vegetable Seeds



Sword beans or scimitar beans or Jack beans is a domesticated plant species in the legume family Fabaceae. Sword beans are a robust, deep-rooted climbing plant that grows from an annual to a perennial level. The vegetable seeds and young pods are edible and nutritious, and can be used in many recipes in place of large beans. Sword Bean is a drought-tolerant, fast-growing, grows to a height of about 50–200 cm. This food is rich in fibre, which assists in the process of removing contaminants and waste in the colon. Swords are effective in treating constipation and abdominal distention. You can find a wide variety of sword beans seeds at Sams Garden Store.

1) Each packet contains 4 seeds
2) Chemmakaya vary rare variety seeds
3) These are medicinal vegetable


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