Lima Beans {Pavtha Bhaji} Seeds (Desi)



General Information:

The Lima Beans pods are wide, flat, and slightly curved. The lima bean itself is readily distinguished by the characteristic fine ridges in the seed coat that radiate from the “eye.” Butter beans and giant white beans are some well-known varieties of lima bean. Lima beans are a type of legume with a mild, creamy flavor that works well in a variety of dishes.

Specifications of Lima Beans (Pavtha Bhaji):

Sunlight RequirementAt least 8 hours of bright sunlight a day
Plant HeightAbout two feet tall
Soil TypeMedium to light, loamy soils
Difficulty LevelEasy

Health Benefits of Lima Beans (Pavtha Bhaji):

  • They contain several important nutrients and may help to stabilize blood sugar levels, and promote heart health.
  • Lima beans are an especially good source of iron.
  • Healthy weight loss.
  • Lima beans are a great source of many important nutrients, including fibre and a variety of vitamins and minerals.
  • Lima beans are especially high in manganese, which acts as an antioxidant and plays a key role in metabolism.
  • They also provide a good amount of copper in each serving, which supports immune health and promotes brain function.


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