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Zinnia enhances the beauty of Garden. One of the easiest flowers to grow with a splash of delightful colours to adorn your garden without much effort is Zinnia mix. The bright colours, the beehive-like shape of the blooms of Zinnia mix makes them an ideal choice for cut-flowers. Due to their compact size, Zinnia mix flowers are suitable for containers, window boxes, garden beds. This particular variety of zinnia also works best in flower bouquets. One important thing to remember while taking care of Zinnia is Deadheading i.e. removing dead flowers that are withered. They are warm season annual flowers that bloom with abandon and require only minimum care. It doesnt matter how hot the summer gets, zinnia plants just keep on blooming.

Each packet contains 20-30 seeds.


Common NameZinnia, Dahlia Flowered
HeightUp to 24 inches.
Flower ColourMix Color
Bloom TimeSummer
Difficulty LevelEasy to cultivate.


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