Watermelon Seeds (Crimson Sweet Red)


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General Information:

Watermelon Seeds (Crimson Sweet Red), is one of the best tasting of these large melons and has many disease resistant traits. This makes growing Crimson Sweet melons easy, even for novice gardeners. The sweet treats at the end of the season are just one of the many benefits of Crimson Sweet in gardens. A pretty, light green melon with dark stripes, Crimson Sweet is famous for its high sugar content and great flavor. Seeds are small and dark. The vines are resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt.

Specifications of Watermelon Seeds (Crimson Sweet Red):

Light RequiredFull Sun
PollinatorCrimson Sweet is a seeded variety (diploid)
Soil RequirementsSandy Soil
Growth RateMedium growth rate
BloomsEarly Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer, All Summer

Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds (Crimson Sweet Red):

  • These seeds are an incredible source of magnesium with over 140% of your daily requirement in just one cup.
  • They are also rich in copper, manganese and potassium.
  • All these nutrients contribute to bone health, strengthen your bones and improve their mineral density as well.
  • Watermelon consumption has been linked to reduced inflammation and improved antioxidant capacity.


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