Spinach Red Seeds (Spinach Red)


SEED TYPE: Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated, And Non-GMO

SOWING TIME: Recommended For Year-Round Sowing Except for Dec-Feb As The Plant Is Susceptible To Cold Temperatures

PLANT CHARACTER: Preferring Warm Temperatures, Amaranth Has Long Straight Stems With Long Lasting Flowers

LEAF CHARACTER: Medium-Sized Green Leaves With Burgundy Red Overlay

HARVEST: 48-56 Days After Planting, Pick Individual Leaves And Chaff The Seeds As Needed

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Spinach Red (Amaranth or Amaranthus) is a tropical and sub-tropical seasonal crop categorized as a leafy vegetable, cereal, and also an ornamental plant. Resembling spinach in looks and artichoke in taste, the red leaf amaranth is full of nutritional benefits that surpass most of its green leafy counterpart. It is naturally gluten-free and is also a great addition to gluten-free dishes. It also comprises the amazing protein lysine and comes packed with all the other essential amino acids too. Not just this, uncooked red amaranth consists of 82% iron, 31% calcium, and 14% Vitamin C. So eating these pretty looking leaves raw in salads and sandwiches is a healthy treat all by itself!

The other nutrients and minerals, this vegetable is rich in, includes magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and dietary fiber. Its intake is very beneficial to the heart, as it lowers bad cholesterol levels. The easy to digest leaves are also known to improve eyesight, prevent excessive hair loss and premature greying. With so much that the beautiful red leaves can offer, take in as much as you can. Cook it, stir fry, or come up with a completely new way of having this vegetable!


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