Buy All Types Of Radish Verities (Combo Pack of 7 Verities)



Growing Radishes from seeds is the fastest growing vegetable you will see. A Radishes seed takes 30 days from seed to harvest it usually without much effort. All Types Of Radishes seeds require warmth and light to grow fast. They can easily grow outdoors or in containers. It’s very important to buy organic vegetable seeds from a trusted source. Now you can buy All Types Of Radishes seeds online from Sam’s Garden Store, an online nursery located in Hyderabad. This combo contains

1. Radish White (Round ) – ముల్లంగి రౌండ్ తెలుపు
2. Radish White (Long) – ముల్లంగి పొడుగు తెలుపు
3. Radish Red (Round) – ముల్లంగి రౌండ్ ఎరుపు
4. Radish Red (Long) – ముల్లంగి పొడుగు ఎరుపు
5. Radish Purple – ముల్లంగి పర్పుల్
6. Radish Pink – ముల్లంగి పింక్

7. Radish Half Red


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