Purple Beans Seeds (Desi)



General Information:

Purple beans are essentially green beans disguised in a violet hued skin. They maintain the same lean cylindric shape, size and stringless seam. Underneath the purple shell is the same crisp translucent succulent green flesh and pale lime green peas. Purple foods also contain Flavonoids (flavonols) including Resveratrol with anti-inflammatory properties. This compound may also help combat many diseases, decrease blood pressure and promote healing.

 Purple beans get their eggplant color from plant pigments called anthocyanins, but as the beans cook, the pigment disappears and they turn green. In terms of their flavor, purple beans tend to be a bit sweeter than regular green beans.

Specifications of Purple Beans:

Common NameRoyalty Purple and Royal Burgundy
SoilSlightly acidic to neutral soil
pH ValuepH between 6 and 7
Bloom TimeSummer, Fall
Difficulty LevelEasy


  • Purple beans will be ready for harvesting around 50 to 60 days after planting.
  • Harvest tender young Purple beans as soon as they have filled out and reach 3 to 4 inches in length for best flavor.


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