Mesembryanthemum Heavens Mix



General Information:

The genus Mesembryanthemum is part of a current popular trend in gardening and houseplants. These are a group of flowering succulents. Their fleshy leaves, unique shapes and colors, and low maintenance requirements make them a great choice for gardens and containers.They are considered succulents because of their fleshy leaves that hold a lot of water, like cactus.They are also called ice plants because the leaves in this particular genus are often shiny and glistening, like ice.

Each packet contains 500+ seeds


Common Name:crystalline iceplant
Synonyms:Fig Marigold, Icicle Plant, Pebble Plant, Ice plant, Sea Marigold, Sea Fig.
Blooming Time:Jul to September
Sunlight:Full Bright
Difficulty Level:Easy to grow
Germinate Temperature:32-35 °C
Germinate Time:4-7 Days


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