Knol Khol White Seeds (Desi )



General Information:

Knol Khol White is an annual vegetable and is a low, stout cultivar of cabbage. The Whole plant is edible however, it is mostly used for its bulged swollen stem. It can be eaten raw as well as cooked. Though it prefers a cold weather. It is an excellent vegetable if used at its early stage before it becomes tough and fibrous. The edible portion is globular with a slightly flattened stem.

Specifications of Knol Khol White:

Sunlightfull sun, partial sun
SoilSandy loam to clay loam soil with pH levels of 5.5 to 7
Temperature15 to 25 degree C
Harvest SeasonKnol-Khol should be harvested when swollen stem reaches a diameter of 5 to 7 cm and before it becomes tough and woody.

Knol Khol White Uses:

Culinary Use:

  • Leaves are cooked.
  • The young leaves can also be added to salads.
  • The plant produces a swollen stem just above ground level, and this is often used as a root vegetable.
  • It has a mild cabbage flavour, when finely grated it makes a good addition to mixed salads and, when cooked, is an excellent vegetable.
  • It is best eaten whilst fairly small and tender, between a golf ball and tennis ball size.
  • It becomes coarse with age.


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