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Ivvi Gourd Plant

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  • Ivy Gourd is a tropical perennial climbing plant.
  • Ivy Gourd also known as baby watermelon,little gourd, tindora and dondakaya.
  • Basically it is an outdoor plant and these vegetables are used in Indian dishes and their
    leaves/stem/roots are in ayurvedic medicines.

Benefits of Ivy Gourd :

  • Ivy Gourd contains laxative properties.
  •  Ivy Gourd normalises blood sugar levels.
  • Ivy Gourd is a good source of vitamin C.
  • Ivy Gourd possesses detoxification and anti bacterial properties.
  • Ivy Gourd possesses curative properties for asthma, jaundice, bronchitis and skin problems like leprosy,scabies psoriasis.
  • Ivy Gourd juice helps in healthy skin.

Plantation Requirements for Ivy Gourd:

SoilWell drained rich Sandy Loam soil with pH range 6.0 to 6.5
Plantation seasonPlanting should be done before rainy season/monsoon starts(June to July) or in Spring season(Feb to March)
TemperatureRequires Humid and Warm climatic conditions. 20 to 32 Degree C.
FertilizersFarm Yard Manure at time of soil preparation and plantation. At time of flowering/fruiting stage once again farm yard manure is repeated for high yielding.
Harvesting Time3 Months


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