Gaillardia Aristata Mix


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General Information:

Gaillardia Aristata also known as the Blanket flower, is a great choice for a perennial with a long season of bloom. Blanket flowers are wonderfully cheerful, long-blooming plants for hot, sunny gardens. They produce single or double daisy flowers through most of the summer and well into fall.

These produce bold, brightly colored flowers from summer through to early autumn. The plant is used as a diuretic, taken to give relief from painful urination. An infusion of the leaves is taken internally, and a poultice is applied externally, in the treatment of gout.

Each packet contains 40-50 seeds





Common NameBlanket Flower.
Height24-30 inches.
Flower Colourvaries
Bloom TimeEarly summer to early fall.
Difficulty LevelEasy to grow.


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