French Beans Desi Vegetable Seeds (White Seeds )



French Beans – Seeds

1 packet contains – 30 seeds.

Foliage grows well in shade, but plants need good sun for the best flowering. It blooms on new growth, so early spring pruning will not affect the flowering. Vines must be grown on sturdy structures because mature plants produce considerable weight.

Seeds Specifications

Seeds per Packet30
Common NameEgyptian kidney bean, Indian bean
Height12.00 to 15.00 feet
Flower ColourOrange, red
Bloom TimeJuly to August
Difficulty Leveleasy to grow

Planting And Care

  • Feed plants on a regular basis before and throughout the blooming cycle (avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides if you’re harvesting for the kitchen)
  • Once a month between April and July, apply a balanced granular fertilizer (5-10-5 or 5-10-10)
  • Allow ¾ to 1 cup for each bush, and sprinkle it around the drip line, not against the stem

French Beans Selection Care

  • Plant where they will receive a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of full sun per day
  • Plants grown in weak sun may not die at once, but they weaken gradually
  • Give them plenty of organic matter when planting and crowd them
  • Wear sturdy gloves to protect your hands from prickly thorns
SunlightFull sun to part shade
Soilwell-drained soil
Temperature40 °C to 60 °C
FertilizerApply any organic fertilizer (Vermicompost, Stear Meal, Neem Cake )
Harvest Season10 days

French Beans Special Feature

Woodland gardens, naturalized areas.
Provides quick cover for fences, arbors, trellises, walls, or other structures in the landscape.
Also maybe grown along the ground to camouflage rock piles or old tree stumps.
Good vine for hot, dry sites. Needs lots of room. Excellent for hummingbird gardens.

French Beans Uses

Medicinal Use:

  • Bean pods are effective in lowing blood sugar levels and can be used (with the concurrence of a doctor) for mild cases of diabetes
  • A bean pod diet for this purpose would mean eating 9-16 lb
  • of pods per week (they can be cooked like vegetables)
  • Dried pods are particularly to be used in conjunction or rotation with other efficacious herbs


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