Earthworms Compost 1KG (Organic Fertilizer)


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General Information:

Earthworms Compost means using worms to recycle food scraps and other organic material into a valuable soil amendment called worm compost. Worms eat food scraps, which become compost as they pass through the worm’s body. Compost exits the worm through its’ tail end.

Advantages of Earthworms Compost:

  • Earthworms compost loosen soil so oxygen and aerobic bacteria can get into plant roots.
  • Looser soils also allow plant roots to penetrate deeper and access more resources, which in turn builds bigger, healthier plants.
  • One of the biggest benefits of Earthworm compost is their ability to turn garbage into fertilizer.
  • Adding worm compost to your garden soil helps plants grow by boosting the organic matter, nutrients and beneficial microbes in the soil.
  • As worms eat and digest vegetable food scraps the nutrients in the food are converted into forms which can be taken in and used by plants.
  • By adding worm compost to your garden you are adding beneficial microbes that can help suppress plant diseases and repel insect attacks.


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