Desi Cow Manure 3KG (Organic Fertilizer)


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General Information:

Desi Cow Manure is rich in N-P-K value and contains important micro-organisms that help in improving soil health and plant growth. This compost manure has several benefits in the plantation or farming. Desi Compost cow manure adds a good amount of organic mass into the soil. By mixing Desi cow manure into the soil, we can improve the moisture-holding capacity of the soil. It also improves the aeration of the soil by loosening the soil. Compost manure has many beneficial bacteria’s that convert nutrients into an easily accessible form for plant roots to absorb easily.

Desi Cow manure produces very few greenhouse gases, making it environment friendly. Desi cow manure acts as an excellent organic fertilizer to promote the growth of the plants. When fed to plants and vegetables it becomes nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Benefits of Desi Cow Manure:

  • Desi cow manure has beneficial bacteria’s that help loosen the compact soil and improves aeration to turn normal soil into rich healthy soil for plantations.
  • It is an excellent organic fertilizer for plants and vegetables. It contains rich nutrients that help plant roots to absorb nutrients present in the manure.
  • Desi cow Manure has special micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria’s. These are quite useful for plants and vegetables.


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