Coleus Blumei Rainbow Mix

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General Information:

Coleus Blumei are very vibrant in colour and very easy to grow from seeds. Coleus is grown for its brilliant, glowing foliage rather than flowers. Rainbow Mix has solid or bi-coloured leaves in shades of red, green, yellow, maroon and pink. Coleus is perfect for the shady garden, and it is a good indoor or outdoor container plant.

Each packet contains 20-30 seeds

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Common Name Painted Leaves
Sunlight Partial Shade, Shade
Water Water regularly and keep the soil moist.
Temperature  70 – 75°F
Soil well-drained organic soil
Fertilizer balanced all-purpose fertilizer
Harvest Season Spring



  • Early research shows that taking coleus root tuber or coleus whole root tablets for 2 months slightly decreases in blood pressure in elderly people with high blood pressure
  • Coleus Supplement modestly decreases body fat in overweight and obese men.