Bonemeal Steamed (Organic Fertilizer)



General Information:

Bonemeal Steamed is an excellent natural source of Phosphorus, Calcium, and other important minerals including some nitrogen. This product rapidly breaks down in the presence of soil and microbial activity to aid healthy top growth and stimulate root growth in plants.

Uses of Bonemeal Steamed:

Bone meal is a useful garden fertilizer with several benefits.

  • Steamed Bone meal fertilizer increases phosphorus levels in your soil.
  • Steamed Bone meal is a slow-release fertilizer.
  • It provides calcium for your plants.
  • SteamedBone meal can balance other soil amendments.
  • Steamed bonemeal Helps in increasing the number of flowers and boosting flower growth.
  • Steamed bonemeal is an organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers helps plants in getting their nutrients through a natural source and does not damage the soil.
  • Steamed bonemeal helps to manage soil PH level and also helpful in acidic soil.

How and When to Apply Bone Meal Fertilizer:

  • Before applying Steamed bone meal fertilizer to your garden, it is important to perform a soil test. This will help you determine whether or not it is the right choice for your soil.
  • When working the Steamed bone meal into the soil, be sure to turn the soil well, evenly mixing it into the ground so there are no clumps or deposits of the fertilizer left unmixed. This will help distribute it throughout the soil as well as make it less likely that animals will attempt to consume it.
  • Steamed Bone meal fertilizer breaks down slowly, making it the perfect long-term fertilizer that only needs to be applied once per year. As it slowly breaks down throughout the season, the bone meal will continue to feed your plants.


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