Bhoom Power (Organic Fertilizers)




General Information: 

Bhoom Power is an organic product which is totally chemical free. It has granular formulation . This technology is used for long-lasting results which helps the plants to grow and develop. It is made up of many useful components like Humic acid, vitamins, amino acids and seaweed as well. Bhoom Power is a consortium of beneficial Bacteria with mixture of Lignite, vermiculite and Rock Phosphate as Carrier.


  • Increases the Soil Fertility
  • Control Soil Borne fungal Diseases
  • Increases the N, P, K Sulphur, Zinc levels in the Soil
  • Increases the Yield
  • Improves Plant Immunity
  • Soil toxicity reduced
  • Increase Nutrient uptake
  • Quality of Yield is enhanced
  • Cost investment is reduced


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