Aster Formula Mix



General Information:

Aster Formula Mix belongs to one of the largest plant families in the world Asteraceae. This Formula mixed aster provides a striking mix of colours—white, pink, purple and shades in between. Asters produce blooms for weeks at a time, and they are a wonderful choice for anyone wanting a beautiful flower that will create drama and add uncomparable beauty to their yard or garden.

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Each packet contain 25 to 30 seeds


Common NameMichaelmas daisy, Aster
SunlightFull Sun to Part shade
WaterWater plants in well. Soil should be moist, well-drained, and average to humus-rich.
SoilWell Drained Soil
FertilizerAny Organic Fertilizer
Harvest SeasonSeptember-October


  • The plant is used for ornamental purpose.
  • You can find an aster for almost any garden and they have many uses, such as in borders, rock gardens, or wildflower gardens
  • Asters also attract butterflies to your garden!


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