Antirrhinum Semi Tall Mix


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General Information:

Antirrhinum Semi Tall Mix is commonly called as “Snapdragon”. It is an Exotic Winter season flower. The plant is sturdy and the leaves are simple, thin, smooth and narrow. The plant survives in a well drained soil and under dry conditions. Excess manure contributes more towards the foliage growth. In March a top dressing of ammonium sulphate and sulphates of potash is good for the bloom. It takes about 90-120 days for the flower to appear.


Common NameSnapdragon
SunlightFull Sun
WaterWater regularly and keep the soil moist.(1-2 Weeks in Winter)
TemperatureNight Temperature 25-30°C.
SoilWell Drained Soil
Harvest SeasonWinter


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