All Desi Vegetables Combo (135+ Verities of Desi Vegetable Seeds)


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Desi Vegetables are an integral part of human diet and known as protective foods, which contribute required minerals, vitamins and other nutrients of medicinal and therapeutic values. Vegetables are called protective food as their consumption can preventive several diseases. Vegetable plays an important role in the balanced diet by providing not only energy, but also supplying vital protective nutrients like-minerals and vitamins.

The vegetables are rich sources of protein ( peas), minerals like calcium (tomato, spinach, peas), phosphorus (tomato, cucumber), iron (spinach, peas, tomato, bitter gourd), iodine (okra), vitamins like vitamin-A (leafy vegetables, pumpkin), vitamin-B (peas, spinach, tomato), vitamin-C (chilli, tomato,) and vitamin-K (leafy vegetables).

Gain all the health benefits with All Desi Vegetables Combo(135+ Varieties) from Sams Garden Store located at Hyderabad with easy deliverable access.


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