Kantola Desi Seeds / Spiny Gourd (Aakakarakaya / Cantola seeds)



General Information:

Kantola commonly known as Spiny Gourd or Aakakarakaya. These are round in shape and are also shorter in the length and can grow well in a warmer season like in summer. Kantola seeds are very rare variety seeds, each packet contains 30 seeds. They are cultivated over a wide range of soil but have good results in tropical and subtropical areas. This small, spiny fruit is always used as a vegetable for cooking.


Common NameSpiny Gourd or Aakakarakaya
SunlightFull Sun
WaterWater regularly and keep the soil moist.
Soilsandy, loamy to clay soil
Harvest SeasonSummer, Rainy



  • Prevents Hypertension and Supports Heart Health
  • Prevents Seasonal Infections
  • Prevents and cures Respiratory Disorders
  • Give relief in breathing problem
  • Supports Digestive System


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