Sams Garden is an India-based online gardening store that meets all of your household gardening needs. Whether you want to set up a vertical garden on your balcony or a terrace garden on your house, you can buy all the necessary garden items from our online store. Garden accessories online


If you wish to plant a vegetable plot in your garden, our gardening kit is ideal. Standard horticulture kits include growing pots, potting mix, seed packets, and a comprehensive guide. With our gardening kits, you can simply set up a vegetable garden, even if you are a novice gardener. Buy garden items online


Composters are magnificent inventions that reduce household waste and produce nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer. In our online garden store, you will find Sams Garden, which is founded on Japanese technology and facilitates the composting of vegetable and kitchen scraps at home. With this composter, you can obtain liquid fertilizer for your garden every three days for free, eliminating the need to purchase fertilizer. Buy composters online 
Sam’s Garden is an online retailer of plant containers. We carry planters for railings, suspended planters, and tabletop planters. Our online gardening store in India carries both durable outdoor and decorative indoor containers. In addition to ceramic, metal, plastic, and coir containers, our collection also includes ceramic, metal, and coir pots. Our contemporary and ornamental planters are a wonderful addition to any interior.

Seeds and Plants

The quality of the seed determines the plant’s vitality. At Sams Garden, you can purchase hygienically packaged, fresh seeds for optimal results. We carry open-pollinated and hybrid vegetable, flowering plant, leafy green, and citrus seeds. Additionally, you can buy garden plants online from Sams Garden.


Stock up on essential horticultural equipment. You can purchase a garden weeder, hand fork, horticulture kurpa, cultivator, and small trowel from Sams Garden online. You can have confidence in the quality of the instruments we sell. Buy Gardening tools online.


If you are searching online for garden accessories, Sams Garden is your best option. As horticulture specialists, we only offer gardening supplies and accessories of the highest quality. Find all the materials you need to install a drip irrigation system in your garden in our online garden store. Buy Gardening supplies online


We offer natural and organic fertilisers and pesticides for your garden at Sams Garden. Contact us for more information on using pesticides and fertilisers in your residential garden. In addition to plants, seeds, and horticulture supplies, our online store also sells bird feeders. Sams Garden is a website where you can purchase horticultural supplies at reasonable prices. You can locate all of your gardening supplies on our website. Simply order plants online and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Happy Gardening! Buy fertilizers and pesticides online 
Plant food is essential to the success of both indoor and outdoor container cultivation. The quicker a plant grows, the greater the demand for fertiliser and water. Once you’ve chosen an organic Plant food, you’ll need to apply it to the container-grown plants every two weeks. This presupposes that your growth is of high calibre. Plant food is a manure or nitrate mixture that is applied to the soil to make it fertile. There are numerous varieties of plant fertilisers available on the market, including water-soluble plant fertiliser and controlled release plant fertiliser. Organic plant nourishment is the best option for fertilisation. buy oraganic plant food Online
Vermicompost is an organic soil amendment. This compost is produced by using worms, microbes, and fungi to decompose organic matter.
One of the benefits of vermicompost is that it cannot be overfed to plants. Because it will not cause plant damage like other fertilisers. So you can fertilise each plant every two months with a half cup of vermin compost. buy flower seeds online
Vermicompost can be applied to the soil surface around plants and watered directly in. While planting seedlings, a sprinkling of vermicompost can be added to each container.
When starting seedlings indoors, add vermicompost to the starting medium! Use 1 part vermicompost to 3 parts soil mix.

Sams Garden PLANT FOOD

Sams Garden is one of the leading companies in this industry and offers a superior selection of Plant fertilizers. We are confident in the quality of our products because they are rigorously examined at various stages of production. Our assortment of Quality Vermicompost is user-friendly, highly efficient, and highly regarded by our esteemed clientele. We have extensive industrial experience in this industry and have been serving for a very long time. Maintaining product quality is our utmost priority, and we make every effort to achieve this. We deal with all varieties of gardening materials and fertilisers that can be used for both residential and commercial gardening. buy gardening material online


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I experimented with two containers of premium potting soil with the help of my team. I filled a single planting container with only earth. In the second container, I combined potting soil with 20% Sams Garden vermicompost. I planted four flower seedlings per pot. Three of the potting soil seeds and three of the vermin compost seeds germinated after four to five hours of daily exposure to sunlight, followed by a seven-day period of observation. Each container contained three different plants. After 15 days, the seedlings increased in size. After three days, plant growth increased. The vermicompost plants are somewhat taller and their leaves are marginally larger. The contrast was too striking; the plants grown in vermicompost were larger. Clearly, the vermicompost plants are increasing in height and leaf size. The vermicompost soil also retains moisture longer than potting soil, which is a significant difference. The vermicompost plants are still taller and appear to be more robust. Buy organic seeds online

Always give your all. What you sow now will bear fruit later:)


Every gardener must know how to use the proper equipment to maintain a healthy and attractive garden. If you’re new to gardening, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the essential equipment.

Gardening gloves: for protecting your hands, a pair of protective gloves is an absolute necessity for novice gardeners. As one of the most fundamental gardening instruments, it protects your fingers from the rigors of gardening. There are numerous barbs and pricks despite the abundance of delectable elements. Without proper protection, inactive digits may be susceptible to cuts and blisters.

This tool relieves your aching hands by reducing the amount of effort required to cut dead or living branches, accordingly.

Garden kurpa: A kurpa is a flat-bladed cutting implement used for digging soil and weeding in small gardens and vegetable farms.

This gardening tool is used to loosen and lift soil in horticulture and agriculture. Buy Gardening supplies online

A watering can is an essential garden tool, whether for watering withering plants or fertilizing containers of annuals. Those with a lengthier spout are typically more balanced. Brass and copper watering cans are more aesthetically pleasing, but plastic watering cans are easier to maintain and more lightweight.

Tray for seedlings: Trays for seedlings help produce healthy, uniform seedlings and prevent transplant stress due to stronger, healthier roots.


We produce and distribute Garden Tools. Designed with a durable chrome-plated blade, these Garden Tool Kits are ideal for all forms of pruning. We offer these in-demand Garden Tool Kits at a competitive price to our esteemed clientele. Sams Garden offers all of the necessary garden tools and fertilizers for residential gardening. Our online garden tool kit includes (a gardening Krupa, hand trowel, water sprayer, and cutter) the essential instruments for beginning home gardening. For novices, we also offer a plant maintenance kit containing 1 kg of organic fertilizer, 1 kg of vermicompost, 100 ml of neem oil, and a 1-liter pressure sprayer. Buy Gardening tools online

Both vermicompost and organic fertilizer can be used as plant fertilizers, thereby promoting plant growth and health. In contrast, neem oil and a pressure sprayer can be used as a pesticide to eliminate insects and other organisms that are detrimental to crops. Aside from that, we offer all garden supplies, including planters, pebbles, garden safety kits, online garden shears, pebbles, seedling trays, and many others.

UV-treated Sams Garden planters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor horticulture. Buy Gardening supplies online

After seed germination, seedlings should be transplanted into containers, for which seedling trays are the optimal instrument.

Gardening safety kit (garden gloves, safety glass, and dust respirator)

When using hedge clippers or other garden tools or equipment that can cause finger or hand injuries such as scratches, blisters, and scrapes, gardening gloves must be worn.

Safety glass: to safeguard against flying detritus and dirt

Dust mask: to protect you from garden-related dust exposure.


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