Ultimate Guide to Grow Microgreens at your Home

Ultimate Guide to Grow Microgreens at your Home
July 1, 2022 0 Comments

Do you wish to add more healthy greens to your diet? Or want your children to eat more organic? How about growing microgreens at your home and upgrading your dietary plan in a healthy way.

Young seedlings of herbs, vegetables, grains, and beans are known as microgreens. These help increase the nutrition supplement of our food and enhance the visuals, flavor, and texture of your food. We can grow microgreen seeds in a large amount  in flat containers in a very short amount of time. They can be used either as main ingredients or side ingredients.

You can harvest microgreens very soon after sprouting and use them to add sweetness and spiciness to your food. You can also use them for garnishing salads, soups, sandwiches, and plates. Arugula, radish, basil, and peas are some common examples of microgreens.

Why microgreens?

Growing microgreens indoors is easy and they don’t occupy much space. Thus, one can grow them at your home and harvest them just before serving. This helps maintain freshness and retain the nutritional content and flavor of the greens.

Microgreens are rich in phytonutrients. The word ‘phytonutrients’ is made up of two words – Phyto meaning plant and nutrients. Phytonutrients help strengthen the immune system, prevent disease, and cure illness. Plants of Brassica group like broccoli, cabbage, etc have high protective nutrients and the microgreens of cabbage are richer in vitamins than mature cabbage.

Having your own microgreen garden can help reduce plastic packaging and the consumption of fertilizers and preservatives.

What to grow?

There are a lot of plants that can be grown as microgreens, though the difficulty level varies. The easiest and best microgreens to grow for a beginner are from the family of Brassica i.e., broccoli, cabbage, radish, etc…

Follow the following steps to grow juicy and fresh microgreens at your home:

  1. You need to find a container to grow your microgreens. You can use wide and shallow containers (garden trays) since they can provide your microgreens more room for growth. Apart from garden trays you can also convert takeaway containers or foil pie dishes into growth trays.
  2. It is necessary that excess water doesn’t collect in the container. To ensure this, pop holes at the bottom of the container.
  3. The primary choice for growing medium is soil. Apart from that you can also go with  coco coir, wood pulp mats, or agar jelly.
  4. Fill the container up to an inch if you are using coco-based medium or soil. After that even out the surface.
  5. For fabric medium, cut a piece of fabric with the same size as your container. Soak the fabric and lay it inside the container.
  6. It is advisable that you buy organic seeds and in large quantities as they are not too costly and are quick to sprout.
  7. Make sure to weigh your seeds and scatter them evenly in your tray. Usually, 2.5 grams of Brassicas seeds is required for every 10 centimeter square.
  8. Water your microgreen seeds and let them germinate in a dark and warm corner. Water them regularly for a better germination rate.
  9. Expose them to sunlight as soon as the first leaves start to sprout. You can put them in a sunlit room and let them bask in the sun. Make sure that you water them regularly, maybe twice a day.
  10. And lo and behold after a few days you’ll have your own fresh, healthy, and unadulterated microgreens at your disposal. Ready for you to enjoy.

Popular microgreens

Following are some of the popular and best microgreens to grow:

  1. amaranth
  2. broccoli
  3. beet
  4. parsley
  5. Rocket


Microgreens are possibly the easiest fresh products to grow. They are juicy and best when freshly plucked and eaten raw and unadorned, but you can also add flavors to your microgreens and make them more savory. They can easily be incorporated into salads and smoothies as well as aromatic microgreens, such as coriander, radish, or mustard greens can be used as condiments.

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