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Trending Indoor Plants for 2022 and How to Care For Them
March 10, 2022 0 Comments

Indoor plants are a great way to make your home seem more alive and fresh. But there are so many different kinds of plants out there it can be hard to know which ones will grow best in your living space.

That’s why we’ve made this list of the trending indoor plants for 2022 and easy plant care tips. You can choose one of these trending indoor plants for your home, or you can use this list to find new plants that you might be interested in.

  • treBamboo Palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii)

Nowadays, it seems as though almost everyone has a plant or four on their desks at work, but that’s no excuse to slack off in the plant department. A bamboo palm is one of the trendiest indoor plants for 2022, and you can use it to add both a bit of life and a bit of elegance to your home. This trendy indoor plant is great for beginners because it only requires about four hours of sunlight each day to thrive.

  • Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum)

Aglaonema Commutatum is one of the most popular houseplants because it’s easy to care for, requiring only bright, indirect light and regular watering. You can choose a Chinese evergreen to decorate your home with, or you can use it as an indoor plant to add greenery and beauty. This plant only need 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight each day and will make a great addition to your home.

  • Gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)

If you love flowers but don’t have the time to spend on them, then the gerbera daisy may be right for you. This plant can last up to two weeks without water, making it a great choice for anyone who is busy and needs a bit of greenery around the house. This trendy flower also doesn’t need any special lighting or care, so it’s pretty easy to keep around.

  • Weeping Fig (Ficus Benjamina)

One of the most beautiful plants on this list is the weeping fig, which will add life and colour to any indoor space. This plant only need about a half-hour of direct sunlight daily and will grow about 1-3 feet tall. You can use this plant for ornamental purposes or decorative hedges, so it’s an excellent option for anybody who wants both aesthetic and practical beauty in their home.

  • Waterleaf (Scindapsus pictus)

Watering plants can sometimes be difficult, but the water leaf is easiest to take care of because it only requires bright, indirect light and regular watering. During the summer, this comes in handy because it’s so hard to get a plant to thrive when you have little to no air conditioning, and all the windows are open. This plant adds a nice, natural look to any indoor space and is easy to care for, so it’s one of the most popular indoor plants for 2022.


It’s not a happy coincidence that the USDA-grown “succulent” is one of the most sought-after plants to decorate your home in 2022. They’re easy for taking care of plants and come in a variety of colours, so they’ll fit easily into any decor scheme. For more tips, tricks, and tools related to gardening, you can visit Sams Garden Store.

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