Small Space Gardening- 3 Simple Techniques that Work

Small Space Gardening- 3 Simple Techniques that Work
May 18, 2022 0 Comments

Small space gardening refers to the gardening that is done on a small area or space. You can grow almost everything you like to grow in the small garden just on a smaller scale. Kind of like kitchen gardens, this type of gardening is all organic and fresh as it grows in your home and in your backyard.

There are no preservatives and chemicals added to it so it is a healthy way of self-cultivation and eating.

The main motivation or goal of those who begin gardening in tiny places is to grow organic vegetables. The vegetables and fruits we buy at the store are almost certainly laced with chemicals and fertilisers, and have been shown to be extremely hazardous to human health. As a result, organic vegetable gardening is a step toward a healthier living.

Techniques that work:

Some of the common gardening techniques for small spaces that could work for you are:

  1. Make use of containers:

If you have a backyard, or a terrace, containers and big buckets can do wonders. You just need to fill up the containers with the needed soil and plant the seeds. You place the containers on your backyard or terrace and take good care of them.

You can use and allot different containers for different vegetables. You can grow tomatoes, chillies, carrots, potatoes and even some fruits if you like to. Water and provide the needed care to your vegetables and enjoy organic and healthy vegetables straight from your very own garden.

  1. Hanging baskets:

You can also use hanging baskets to grow your vegetables. They can be placed on your balcony or you could put in a little extra effort and make a post to hang the baskets in your backyard.

You can grow vegetables that require very less space and creepers that can hang from the baskets. Like every other type of gardening, this too needs care and watering to bear you healthy food.

  1. Window boxes:

That extra space on your windows can make you look good as you can do some gardening over there as well. Small boxes that have your favourite salad dressers, onions, herbs and even strawberries can be grown on the window boxes.

Affordable organic seeds are available for your garden in the market and even on online stores. Just plant the seed on the boxes and place them on the extra space of your window.

Final Overview :

There are many organic vegetable seeds available in the market for you to buy and start planting. Make sure that your garden gets enough sunlight and water for it to grow all healthy and not die on you.

Home gardening has been there for as long as cultivation has been known and is practised even more in the present day. They not only provide you with healthy food but also save you financially as every small thing you need for your meals can be planted in your own home.

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