Monsoon Care To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden

Monsoon Care To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden
June 20, 2022 0 Comments

Monsoon is the season of darker skies and greener earth. The cold breeze and earthy scent brew the lively life. Monsoon is the phase of beauty where flowers bloom and raindrops enhance the nourishment of plants with mellow sunlight. Every plant is the baby and friend of an individual taking care of it. From laughing while planting the seed to staring at them with tearful eyes going through the break-up or just looking at them resembling the steady growth of yours.

Monsoon greenery is the boon of the beautiful universe but again this greenery will only flourish when there is succulent care taken of the garden. Looking for tips for enhancing your garden? Or figuring out what to plan for this season of Monsoon? Keep reading ahead, to get insights to maintain the garden of your dreams.

Monsoon Plants  And Monsoon Veggies For Home.

The season of little water droplets and stormy skies brings heaven to earth. Except for the garden, there are small plants that may add to the beauty of your bohemian decor or raise the standards of your classy yet minimalistic design. The greens are always the demand, but colorful plants paint the walls and corners with positive vibes.

● Nerium oleander

This is an ornamental plant used to add colors to the yards. The cup-like bunch of flowers in hues of reds, yellows, and pinks create the illusion of viral ‘aesthetics’ and gives the surreal vibes of the old school. This is the evergreen plant but comes with the condition of being planted in the season of rain and spring. Heavy monsoons might not be favorable to give birth to this plant in your garden.

● Jasmine

Those pretty white flowers with dark green shades signify the simplistic beauty of the class. All types of Jasmine can be cultivated during the monsoon.

● Pink Rain Lily

Pink rain lilies create the surreal dimension of colorful adobe. The most favorite season for pink lilies is monsoon.

● Balsam

The nirvana of pinks and lavender flowers on the green leaves gives the sense of blooming peace. The seeds of Balsam have to be planted in May and June.

The monsoon gives an array of choices such as  Moss Rose Purslane, Yellow Purslane, Oleander, Plumeria, etc are the flowers that bloom in the monsoon. Talking of monsoon vegetables, the options are numerous such as Okra, Eggplant, chilies, curry leaves, beans, Radish, etc.

Quick tips for your garden

Plants need extra care in the monsoon season as the excess of anything may lead to the degradation of natural entities.

  • Ensure that there are proper drainage systems in pots and yards to prevent sensitive roots and the growth of fungus.
  • Excess water may affect the fertility of the soil and it does bring the question of the long and healthy survival of plants.
  • Plants need regular exposure to sunlight, give them their daily dose of sunshine to let them dance and grow.
  • Giving a sophisticated makeover to the wild plants by pruning them before the monsoon gives aesthetic value to the look and also promotes agricultural yields and reduces the risk of insect infestations.
  • Monsoon brings the risks of fungus and bacterial infection, ensuring the patrolling of plants thoroughly.

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