Importance of Vermicompost for Your Plants – Sams Garden Store

Importance of Vermicompost for Your Plants-Sams Garden StoreImportance of Vermicompost for Your Plants-Sams Garden Store
April 26, 2022 0 Comments

Many of us have heard about the term Vermicompost but is it actually and does it really have any benefits for our plants? Vermicompost is often known as worm manure in a more common tone. Vermicompost is produced by worms, namely earthworms during the compost production by these worms. These worms leave castings behind and these castings are believed to be extremely beneficial to your soil.

Worm castings are composed of many chemical substances which are produced organically. These substances are considered to promote soil health. Worms eat many nutritional wastes such as organic leftovers and other types of manure and hence the castings left behind by these worms are even more nutritious than normal manure. Using vermicompost for organic vegetable gardening can help you in more ways than one.

Benefits of using Vermicompost:

  • The vermicomposting process doesn’t require the use of manual energy in loads. One doesn’t need to measure the temperature or turn over the soil from time to time. The worms are quite independent and will do all those things for you.
  • Using vermicompost and the best fertilizers lead to healthy plants. Vermicompost helps in water retention by the soil. Moreover, the overall soil health is greatly boosted by using vermicompost.
  • Plant growth enhancement is one of the few features that you can be sure to experience when using vermicompost. New leaves and new shoots are to be expected to be seen while using the compost to aid the growth of your plants.
  • Another key feature of vermicompost is that using vermicompost in your garden can help in boosting bacterial presence. Microbial activity in the soil is key to healthy nutrition for the plants. Vermicompost is a sure way to achieve this with ease. Microbial activity helps in reducing diseases that could harm the plants and also doesn’t allow insects to inhabit the soil.

When to use vermicompost?

  • Planting the seeds:

When you are planning to plant your desi vegetable seeds be sure to use vermicompost along with it. New seeds require optimum nutrition for proper growth and vermicompost is a sure way to provide the nutrition to these seeds. You only need to spread a handful of the vermicompost around each plant.

  • When plants are growing:

You need to add vermicompost once again to your garden when the plants are growing. The compost will aid the plant and boost its growth. The solid would become richer and this provides the perfect conditions for the plant to blossom and grow.

Final Overview:

Sam’s Garden Store is the place to go for all your gardening needs. One can avail of premium vegetable seeds for home at Sam’s. It’s important to only purchase your seeds and other products from reputable sources such as Sam’s Garden Store.

A garden is no easy thing to maintain and you need the very best products to sustain it. Vermicompost is considered to be the best fertilizer for vegetable gardens. Be sure to use vermicompost in your garden and reap its benefits.

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