6 Amazing Garden Secrets That Every Gardener Needs to Know

6 Amazing Garden Secrets That Every Gardener Needs to Know
June 1, 2022 0 Comments


Gardening is not just an occupation but an art; an art of which not everybody can master. A gardener needs to have a proper knowledge about plants to be able to grow them properly as every plant has a different need and grows in different conditions.

While some plants need water twice a day, some plants need to be watered once in two days. Every plant has different nutritional needs which really needs to be taken care of while planting them.

Apart from all the knowledge that a gardener should have about the plants, vegetable or fruits he is growing, there are always some tips and tricks that helps you become the master of your art and even if not that then it surely helps you to become better at what you do and sometime also saves a lot of your time and energy.

Let us go through some of the amazing garden secrets that every gardener needs to know

  1. Water in the absence of Sun– If you have planted vegetable seeds for your home garden, then make sure to water these plants early in the morning or during the time when sun is not overhead as this helps the plants to retain water for longer durations and the water does not dry up quickly.
  2. Sprinkle the magic of Epsom salt– You must have heard about using Epsom salt for relaxing your muscles and making you feel relaxed, but what you are going to read next is one of the best gardening tips. Epsom salt acts as a good fertilizer which enhances the process of germination of seeds and the nutrient absorption by the plants. It also provides minerals such as magnesium and sulphate to the plants and helps in preventing leaf curling.
  3. Use the kitchen waste– Kitchen waste is not necessarily a waste but can be used as bio-fertilizers to enhance the nutritional value of the soil by just dumping the waste like vegetable peels, banana skins, egg shells etc. into the soil for yielding better produce.
  4. Place a sponge at the bottom of the planter– As you know, sponge is a good water absorber. By absorbing the excess water, it will stay damp all the time and this helps in the better growth of the plants.
  5. Use the protective Cinnamon to save your plants– Cinnamon has anti fungal properties which when spread over the plants can help them protect from pests and fungus.
  6. Use a paper testing method – It takes a lot of time and energy to grow seeds, so it is always better to test whether the seeds are good to grow or not by testing it on paper.

Final Overview:

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