10 Essential Gardening Tools for Home Gardening

10 Essential Gardening Tools for Home Gardening
March 4, 2022 0 Comments

Several gardening tools set that will make your job easier and more enjoyable. However, not everyone has the space to store all their garden tools or the money to buy them. In this article, we’ve provided a list of ten essential gardening tools you can keep in your garage or shed for a low price.
These ten essential home gardening tools are:
1. Hand trowel
Hand trowel is the first tool you need when digging holes, planting seeds, and transplanting small plants. It’s also great for weeding and planting annuals. A hand trowel is very inexpensive and guarantees you will always have a tool at hand whenever you need one.
2. Hand fork
The hand fork can be used to break up the existing ground, loosen soil, dig weeds and roots, and much more.
3. Spade
A spade is the best tool for breaking and moving large amounts of soil.
4. Lawnmower
If you have a lawn, you will most likely need a lawnmower. A decent quality hand push-mower costs between $125- $400 and will last for many years. Gas-powered push mowers start at around $200 and can be used on larger land areas.
5. Weed puller
A weed puller will make removing weeds easier and quicker. Using a weed puller will save you time and energy and reduce the risk of injury to your hands and arms. Weed pullers are reasonably priced, starting at $20-$150.
6. Hose
A hose is essential in bringing water to your garden sites and cleaning garden tools after use.
7. Watering can
A watering can gives plants light and steady watering. A simple watering can cost around $10-$20.
8. Trowel
A trowel is needed for planting bulbs, seeds, and annuals.
9. Gloves
Gardening gloves are needed to protect your hands from thorns, dirt, sharp tools, and chemicals plus, they will keep your hands warm in the winter months. You can buy gardening tools online or at any hardware or department store for less than $10 per pair.
10. Garden fork
A garden fork is a simple design of metal prongs attached to a handle. It is used for digging, turning, and aerating soil.
Important points on keeping a healthy bed of compost and how to use it:
●By using compost, you will grow organic plants and flowers without chemical feedings.
●Compost enables your plants’ root systems to become established – without this process, your plants will not survive and will perish.
●Composting is a great way to cut down on your household garbage, and it’s a good excuse to get the kids involved!
These ten essential gardening tools combo ranges from $10-$130. You can easily find these tools at Sams Garden Store. This means that you can start a great collection of essential hand garden tools on any budget with the convenience of keeping them all together in one place, ready to use whenever you need them.

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