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At Sams Garden Store, we hope to provide you with the chance to reconnect with nature. Eating healthy is always the goal of any person but achieving it is the hard part. Finding organic varieties can be difficult and expensive. So here, we are helping you out by providing superior quality seeds at a very affordable rate. Our site also has other products to help you take care of your plants.

Why Choose Us

These seeds and related products are available online, so you can order them from anywhere across India. We are also capable of delivering the seeds to any point in India. We aim to deliver our products in the best condition that as possible. The package is shipped with all precautions so that you receive healthy plants every single time.

We are here to support you on your green journey. You just need to make to take the first step and contact us. Millions of customers have already started this journey with a little help from us. You can start from today.

Our Range of Products Include:

Desi Vegetable Seeds

At some point in time, we have all wondered how it would be if we could grow our vegetables. We would not have to buy food, and we could pick fresh vegetables every day from our little garden and cook them.

You do not have to worry anymore; at Sams Garden Store you can get vegetable garden seeds at a very reasonable price. Instead of selling hybrid seeds, we focus on providing quality homegrown organic seeds that are good for you and your family.

Most common vegetables like carrots, cabbages and brinjals can be bought from our store. Instead of buying single packs, you can also buy combination packs. Different carrot varieties together or a bunch of radish varieties.

Gardening does not always need to be with an intention. Sometimes you may want to grow something just for the sake of it or sometimes because the results are beautiful. You can find high-quality flower seeds online at our store.

Adding these to your garden will certainly raise the visual value of the area. Colourful flowers such as Aster, Acroclinium Rose and Balsam mix can be bought from our store. There are other varieties as well.


Sometimes, even after you take extremely good care of your plant, it does not grow that well. You are watering it daily and making sure the soil is airy, but it still is not growing as much as you wanted.

Therefore, to boost your plant’s growth and make it vibrant, we are also providing quite a few options. We have organic liquid manure such as Panchgavya or a Bio Kit Organic to ensure better growth of your plants.

You can also find a potting mix at our store.

At a very affordable price, you can purchase these growth bags to plant your seeds at our online store. If you have limited space like a balcony or terrace, these bags will come in very handy.

They come in a variety of different sizes so that you can find one that fits perfectly in your little garden. These grow bags are available in different shapes like cylindrical, rectangular and circular. Rectangular bags are recommended if you plan on planting multiple seeds at once.

Since balconies can be restricting in terms of space, we are also providing troughs for planting. They are more compact and can be stacked at different heights to save space. 


You also need the right tools for gardening if you wish to succeed. Just having homegrown seeds is not enough. You also need to take care of them in the proper way. Tools can include wires needed to surround the plants themselves as a barrier. You also need watering cans that can control the amount of water you are pouring.

Gloves are required to protect your hands when you are working with plants. Especially when you are working with fertilizers that may not be good for your skin, they can sometimes leave a distinct scent that may not be very appealing.


If your home has very little space to spare, you cannot expect to grow a full garden there. Or even a small one in most cases. So in these cases, you need to buy small pots that can hold your plants. These pots are usually not very large and can fit in most places.

Not all homes have the luxury of a balcony or terrace; having a pot will make it easier for you. You can place them on a window sill. As long as it receives sunshine, air and water, the plants should be able to grow strong and healthy.

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